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The DM Method aims to improve clients' quality of life by providing them with personalised training programs that improve strength, coordination, mobility, conditioning and agility. The DM Method is founded by the belief that the hard work clients put into their exercise program and the results they see has a positive effect to their everyday life because with developed movement, comes a developed mindset.

I'm Daniele Mendoza, a certified personal trainer who loves fitness and truly believes in its life changing abilities.

I grew up playing all kinds of sport but after graduating university and getting a full time job, I had stopped playing sport but knew movement was important for my health so I started incorporating the gym into my daily routine. I didn't know what I was doing but I tried everything and was drawn to skill based training and bodyweight and strength training.


Before I knew it, going to the gym was the best part of my day - it was no longer a place to go to 'not get fat', it was a place where I could improve my abilities and challenge myself. I gained confidence that I had never had before, but not because I was growing cool muscles, but because I was achieving things my body had never done before. I felt badass walking into a room knowing I could rep out pull ups, deadlift 100+ kilos, sprint fast and do a handstand.


My experience with movement and the gym is why I came up with 'Developed Movement, Developed Mindset'. Becoming a certified personal trainer has been one of my greatest decisions ever because I get to help my clients gain confidence and feel empowered by developing their own strength and abilities.

I'm so passionate about sharing my love for movement and it's capacity to do more than just improve how you look and I hope I get to be a part of your fitness journey!

Education & Certifications

Cert III and IV in Fitness

Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist

Clean Health Performance PT Coach Level 1

Exercise During Pre and Post Pregnancy

Deconstructing the Gym Lifts: Australian Strength Coach & Andrew Lock

We Move presented by Sohee Lee, Katie Crewe, Shona Vertue & Bec Chambers

Movement Fundamentals Level 1 by Fitness Playground Academy

Animal Flow Level 1


About Daniele Mendoza, creator of The DM Method


Bec, 24

Dani is an incredibly motivating and supportive personal trainer. I really enjoy our one-on-one sessions together as she's always positive and attentive, and willing to answer any questions that I have about my program and future fitness goals. During our sessions, she has been able to get more out of me than I thought was possible, while also keeping it fun. I feel that with my every one of my programs, Dani has made an effort to tailor them specifically to the goals that I have expressed to her, my strengths, my weaknesses, while also giving me a variety of exercises which means I'm never bored while training on my own. Having never had a personal trainer before, working with Dani has surpassed all of my expectations. I'm so proud of my (our) results, not only with weight loss, but the confidence I've gained & what I've been able to achieve so far in the gym. I feel Dani has given me the tools I needed to make a true lifestyle change. Thanks for being amazing Dani!

Frequently asked questions

What is the password to purchase a coaching package?

Once I have decided if we are a good trainer/client fit, I'll message you with the password and you'll then be able to sign up and start your online training journey with me.

What is included in The DM Method's coaching packages & how much does it cost?

Please check the 'Coaching Packages' page to see the training packages I offer.

Why should I follow a training program?

A training program provides you with workouts that are specifically designed for your fitness levels and goals. Following a structured training program gives your body a stimulus to adapt to (in the case of exercise, the body adapts by becoming stronger). The DM Method's training programs are structured to progressively challenge your body as it adapts and improves due to your consistent effort. Also, a training program gives you a record of proof on your progress. For example, if you begin a program not being able to do a pull up and then finish it being able to do 3 pull ups in a row, there is no guess work on whether or not you've gotten stronger!

Where can I do one on one sessions with The DM Method?

Fitness Playground (Marrickville location) Level 1/258 - 272 Illawarra Rd Marrickville NSW 2204 If you are interested in one on one personal training, please get in touch using the form above.

How do I train online with The DM Method?

Please get in touch using the form above and I will send through a questionnaire which I will use to determine if we will make a great trainer/client fit.