Programs for anyone who can't hold a 10 second handstand!

In 2017, I did not know anyone in my area who could teach me a handstand so I taught myself one. I read every handstand article I could find, bought countless guides & even mustered up the courage to direct message my handstand inspirations for tips. 

I absolutely loved the process of learning to balance on my hands but I would get frustrated not knowing if I was training correctly, if I was doing the exercises properly or if I was doing the best drills for my current skill level. The guides weren’t giving me that so here I am presenting The DM Method App!

The DM Method App includes:

  • 3 different 4 week programs catered to different levels because I know "beginner" looks different for everyone

  • A platform to ask me questions about your training

  • Videos of every exercise with cues so you can train with intention and perform proper reps


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Consider 1-1 online coaching with Daniele over The DM Method app if:

- You are seeking a more personalised program that incorporates your handstand goals as well as other specific fitness goals, such as weight training, calisthenic strength, handstand press and mobility.

- You are looking for individualised feedback for each training session

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