NSW gyms reopened last weekend! Have you already been? Did you ease yourself back into training? Or have you found a new routine amongst this corona chaos and are having trouble figuring out where the gym belongs in it? If you answered yes to the last question and are having difficulty making going to the gym a habit again, I've written up some tips on how to make going to the gym easier. Remember, if an activity is easy, you won't need as much motivation or discipline to do it.

Get yourself a training buddy

Setting an appointment with someone else gives you accountability. No, this doesn't have to be an investment in personal training. If you know someone else who is trying to #makethegymroutineagain, schedule time to train together. Remember, make it easy. If you're both trying to set this new habit, start by committing to training just 1-2 times a week first. When that feels routine, you can aim to train together more often.

Celebrate every workout

Emotions create habit. Every time you go into the gym, count it as a win. Celebrate the fact that you stepping into the gym is you taking another step towards your long term goals, whether their performance based, aesthetics focused or health based.

If you leave the gym focusing on the negatives - maybe you only had a short time to train and could only fit half your program in, maybe it was super crowded and annoying gym bros didn't want to share equipment or maybe you were feeling down about not yet being close to achieving a specific strength goal - you'll start associating the gym with negative feelings and that won't make you likely to go back.

Habit stacking

According to every book I've read on habits*, a great way to create a habit, is 'stacking' the habit you are trying to implement on top of a habit you are already doing successfully.

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