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The DM Method's

Pull Up Program

If you've got goals to improve or get your first pull up, this 4 week program is for you!

The DM Method's 4 week Pull Up Program is designed to improve your pull up skills. Each week has three program days which include activation exercises, various pull up regressions to improve your pull up and accessory work to reduce weaknesses and imbalance as well as minimise injury potential.


The program is short enough that you can still include your other training because I want to show you that you can work on multiple fitness goals at once!  As you progress through the program, the exercises get harder to give your body stimulus to keep improving.

The Pull Up Program is a PDF document and you are able to access video demonstrations with cues by clicking on the exercise name. It is compatible for both your phone and laptop.

Should I download the beginner or the intermediate program?

Download the beginner if you're new to hanging on bars and very new to chin up practice.

Download the intermediate program if you can hang on a bar comfortably for around 20 seconds, have practiced pull up/chin ups before (whether assisted on a band or unassisted) and you're looking to improve your form or rep count.

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Pull Up Program Feedback:

"This has been really good for making me go to the gym by myself... Usually I take classes or with a trainer; basically someone else is expecting me to show up at a particular time. I've had a vague goal of "work out once/week on my own" but haven't ever really made it stick. So it feels good to do this program on my own and actually get it done. Thank you!" - Susan

"Been really enjoying it, already seen improvement across the range of exercises..." - Jack