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The DM Method

Personalised Online Coaching To Make You A Powerful Woman


The DM Mission

The DM Method aims to improve clients' strength, confidence and quality of life by providing them with personalised training programs that build their lifting technique, bodyweight strength, flexibility, skills and coordination.

My Services


Online 1-1 Coaching

Personalised training for each individual. Custom training program, check-ins, technique feedback and ongoing support.

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Face to Face seminars and workshops

Interested in having me run a workshop for your gym members or your team of personal trainers? 

Whether it's on how to handstand or improving lifting technique, reach out by clicking the arrow below!

The DM MEthod for HANDStands

The ultimate guide for beginners who want to learn to handstand!


This interactive, 40 page guide includes:

  • 4 programs that cater to all types of beginners - because I know beginner can look different for everyone! From those who can’t yet kick up to the wall to those who can but don’t know how to progress from there.

  • 2 mobility programs designed to improve handstand specific upper and lower body mobility.

  • Videos of exercises that also provide written cues to give you a better understanding of how to properly do an exercise so you can confidently train on your own.

  • Crucial handstand theory to know before you start.

  • Workouts that don’t take the length of a full workout session so you still have time to train for other fitness goals at the same time.

  • Information that provides context to specific exercises which means you are able to train with better intention and therefore, have a better quality practice. Remember, progress is made based on how you follow a program!


My Coaching Style...

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A Holistic Approach

A holistic approach to training, nutrition, performance, and habit building to enable growth and change

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Training Education

Teaching you about the importance of moving well and exercise technique so you can feel empowered and confident training independently

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Custom Assessments

Custom assessments and protocols to educate you on your training and lifestyle habits (here's where you're at and here's where we're going)

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