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The DM Method

Personalised Online Coaching To Make You A Powerful Woman


The DM Mission

The DM Method aims to improve clients' strength, confidence and quality of life by providing them with personalised training programs that build their lifting technique, bodyweight strength, flexibility, skills and coordination.

My Services

My Coaching Style...

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A Holistic Approach

A holistic approach to training, nutrition, performance, and habit building to enable growth and change

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Training Education

Teaching you about the importance of moving well and exercise technique so you can feel empowered and confident training independently

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Custom Assessments

Custom assessments and protocols to educate you on your training and lifestyle habits (here's where you're at and here's where we're going)

What Clients are Saying

Prior to this, I was in a bit of a fitness rut. I had a couple years of experience in the gym, but at that point in time, I had no guidance, no direction and no motivation. Working with Dani has helped me rediscover the fun in going to the gym. Her programs are always a reflection of my own progression, just a step or two ahead of me to keep things challenging but still within reach

From there, Dani would analyse the videos I send to her, and consistently returns with quality feedback that is easily digestible and translatable. When I step foot into the gym, I know exactly what I need to work on with each exercise, making every session count.

The results I’ve achieved since working with Dani are evident, but the confidence, discipline and mind muscle connection she’s instilled in me are less quantifiable qualities that have heavily contributed to my progression. I fully attribute my growth over the past year to Dani’s passion and knowledge. She has been a real blessing to my overall health, and I’m excited to see where we’ll be at in a year’s time!


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