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The ultimate guide for beginners who want to learn to handstand!


This comprehensive guide includes

  • 4 programs that cater to all types of beginners (because I know beginner can look different for everyone): from those who can’t yet kick up to the wall to those who can but don’t know how to progress from there.
  • 2 mobility programs designed to improve handstand specific upper and lower body mobility.
  • Videos of exercises that also provide written cues to give you a better understanding of how to properly do an exercise so you can confidently train on your own.
  • Crucial handstand theory to know before you start.
  • Workouts that don’t take the length of a full workout session so you still have time to train for other fitness goals at the same time.
  • Information that provides context to specific exercises which means you are able to train with better intention and therefore, have a better quality practice. Remember, progress is made based on how you follow a program!

The DM Method for Handstands


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