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Do you want to finally get your first chin up? Do you want to be able to do a push up on your toes? Are you confused about how to start calisthenics? Are you feeling confused about all the exercises out there and don't know which ones to do? 


The DM Method for Upper Body Strength is for you!


After years of helping all types of clients achieve their upper body strength goals, I created these guides to:


  • Remove the overwhelm that comes with trying to figure out which exercises will actually get you stronger by giving you a plan that allows you to step on to the gym floor with confidence
  • Provide you with a holistic approach to strength training where you are also able to improve your mobility and train muscle groups in different ways to reduce weaknesses and imbalances
  • Teach you proper technique
  • Help you understand that weight training helps progress your bodyweight strength


In this guide, you'll find:

  • 3 x 4 week programs to take you from beginner to badass!
  • Education on how to follow the program and pick the appropriate weights for you
  • Video demonstrations of each exercise 
  • Recommendations on how to combine this with The DM Method for Handstands if you have both guides

The DM Method for Upper Body Strength

$60.00 Regular Price
$48.00Sale Price

    Level Up Your Training With My Guides!

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